tiklop adventure: enroute to sisiman bay


PhotobucketEn route to Sisiman Bay with a folder September 10, 2010 Barangay Sisiman, Mariveles Bataan.

It all started on an internet message from a friend who is looking for a spontaneous bike trip. So Then I went on scouring the internet for a great place to escape with our folding bikes. I chance upon Sisiman Lighthouse. It has been a famous destination for hardcore landscape photographers because of its geographical feature of craggy rocks, bashing waves and fleeting light from left to right. So I locked in the coordinates and start making our way to our biking adventure.


Our journey started from the Mall of Asia Super cat jetty. Me and my friends took the first trip to Orion, Bataan. A quaint town North West of Manila bay, blessed with stunning coastline and mountain ranges. Upon reaching Bataan port we decided to eat breakfast, pack in some energy for the entire strenuous ride. Biking Bataan highway is a treat for all cyclists, the province is gifted with wide tarmac four lanes. Providing biker friendly road system.


It was a long ride, mashing up rolling hills and spinning long descents passing thru towns and surprised locals. Gazing at crazy dudes with a small wheeled bikes, touring their turf, puts on smirk their faces. Asking the usual question… “Where you headin’ ?”… “is that a folding bike?”..”where you guys from?”..And our usual friendly smile back and nod to the locals.


After a long hot and humid ride we reached the Mariveles boundary. A big arch will greet you after the last gradual ascent. Separating Barangay Alas-asin and Mariveles town proper. It is not hard to miss the turn going towards Sisiman bay, there is a checkpoint after the boundary were we turned left towards our destination. The road is very scenic on this part of the ride. One can enjoy the spectacular view of Corregidor Island and the neighboring islet around the bay.


Getting to the target waypoint is not really that difficult either. I just had to plot the track on my map and it took the job of telling me where to go on the next turn.


Finally we arrived at our destination. The abandoned Sisiman light tower, finally emerge from afar. It may be deserted but it is standing proud around sea stacks and wind swept waves. A scene that is so picturesque that it would take your breath away.


We went to explore the area. Not only the place featured an eye-catching view of manila bay but also I notice there are quite few jagged rock formations and hills with lone trees to add up with its allure for a weary traveler. I took some photos for remembrance and had a sumptuous meal before heading back to Orion and catch the last trip to mall of Asia.

ride route(gps60csx)