brompton adventures: around town, davao city


As i ride around town, i sense a festive mood around the city. there had been colorful banderitas hung all over major streets in davao.then i realized kadayawan is fast approaching, taken from a mandaya word “madayaw” it is a warm and friendly greeting that refers to something beautiful,valuable, good and profitable. just in luck, i have loaded my analogue toy camera(superheadz ultra wide slim) with a black and white kodak film. time to see what this kind of film can render from a toy camera. i walked around san pedro street where the city hall is located and the city’s cathedral. People from the lgu are already starting to setup the stage in Rizal park for the towns festivities.

waist level fun:

the bustling town teeming with busy people rushing their way to their destination, i quickly aimed my camera for some waist level lomo fun.

after i consumed a roll of film i immediately went to an old photolab in town to have my negatives developed and scanned to digital form. while waiting for the film to develop i went to the david’s park where the all controversial statue of david standing 15feet tall by the bay. i sat on one of the picnic tables in the area, enjoying the cool breeze and the shade of a talisay tree. i rest for a little bit before getting back to claim my developed film. it was a short ride around downtown but a sweet ride indeed. i will be definitely taking some scenes from the kadayawan festival, stay tuned!


more photos:

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