a brompton adventure: in and around davao



Finally! after loads of paper works and cases all done for a week.  i had an opportunity to make a proper video with bromtrooper around town. Last Tuesday i had a free day to do more riding around town and what better way to do it, is by showcasing davao city’s landmarks. i convinced my cousin to follow me around with my brompton and shoot video as we go along. (thanks ken!) it took us the whole day to go around davao and it was so tiring and hot but we had fun! i wanted to show that commuting around davao is doable and invite more folks to do more bike errands than use their car. dabawenyos are not new to biking, but they use it more on recreation rather than actually riding to commute. davao is practically a flat city, yeah maybe a few hills here and there. but generally a ridable city. i hope more and more people engage into bike commuting here in davao. the bigger number for bike commuters the faster we can build bike infrastructure, like bike parking lots , racks and bike lanes!  just so you know, traffic here in davao is  getting crazy and worse by the day and it would be a great deal if we use less car and give mother earth a favor… ride a bike to school, to work, to church…anywhere you would fancy. i am dreaming that davao city would be a bike friendly city in the next few years! (fingers crossed)- john

i was having trouble rendering the whole video..so i trimmed it down into 3 parts..enjoy!