rizal: the beauty of pintong bukawe


retrospective thoughts:

what i like about spontaneous adventure is that you can’t really expect what is going to unfold in your journey much less know where you’re going to. for a traveler it’s always nice to come up with new places to visit, looking around the internet would wind up on the most unexpected place to go. in my case my back yard. at the time i am residing near the rizal area and I usually have my weekly mountain bike ride up in the mountains of rizal. mashing up the steep inclines in the dreaded “wall” and “shotgun” as the frequent riders call it. little did i know there was a hidden gem waiting to be found.

the opportunity came from an invite of my buddy art. he asked me if i might want to tag along near his farm and so i did. we jump on to his 4×4 pick up driving along the winding road of rizal passing araneta area and we found ourselves facing the great sierra madre. as the fire road narrowed down to single tracks we left the truck and hiked for almost an hour. as i hear the sound of gushing water seemed louder and louder i knew we were close.

Philippines are abundant with waterfalls and sometimes when you visit a place somewhere in the country you tend to be disappointed when you arrive in touristy location with huge signboards welcoming a traveller and suddenly found yourself looking at a beautiful drop of water but surrounded with dirty rubbish and eyesore man-made structures jutting huge umbrellas and concrete table’s and stool that made look like cut timber. probably that happen to you too. somehow made you think that you wished it was left as natural as it can be. so we can appreciate the beauty in all its grandeur.

luckily for me and my buddy art we came into a place were only locals know. there were no entrance fee or any resort like structures just you and the dramatic play of sparkling water gushing thru a curtain like  tiers of fall. the place is called “pintong bukawe” a piece of heaven far away from commercialism and destructive human tendency. we spent the whole afternoon taking photographs and had a pleasant rest over a cast of shadow from a wind swept tree while sitting on a slab of rock.

the sunlight tone was getting warmer and the sun slowly disappears into the horizon a sign for us to pack up and head back to the pick up truck before it gets dark. as i was having a whale of time hiking towards the trailhead, i smiled as i look back and thought if there would be another traveler who will stumble on a beautiful scene like we did. i reckon they will be surprised and delighted.