wide open spaces: infrared photography


landscape photographers appreciate wide open spaces for ultra wide scene. we often choose no human element on the frame and let nature speak for it self. taking photographs near town and city’s usually requires creativity to cramp in essential element in your scene sans unwanted objects like transmission line, people walking by, buildings and rusty shanty roofs. landscape photographers are minimalist as long as we have a fore,mid and background lined up correctly for a perfect composition and proper exposure, we are all set! that is why during my trip to zambalez we stumbled upon an abandoned container yard near the river delta of the town called san felipe.

it was nice to see the pine trees all around the shoreline. it was just like the scene in anawangin. it can easily take you back to somewhere like ilocos sand dunes or some outback in australia. we were lucky enough to discover the place and took out our gears and started shooting. i opted for an infrared photography for this set, to emphasize its surreal projection on the photo. i had a bit of trouble with white balance settings but it turned out just alright. im looking forward to find more places such as this in other parts of our country.  this has been a wonderful experience for me and i enjoyed every minute of it!