danbo meets bromtrooper


on a mid-day afternoon, bromtrooper was left out by his rider in the middle of the road

bromtrooper was all alone and was looking for someone to play with

he looked to the left then to the right, but none was in sight

then a small foot step came trickling down, oh a danbo was in town!

danbo greeted: hey bromtrooper! how are you!

then bromtrooper replied: hey danbo, I’m left here all alone and looking for somebody to ride around town with.

so danbo went and climbed at the back of bromtrooper and rode all around town

danbo did not enjoy the ride too well so he ask his friend bromtrooper if he can steer and ride them to their destination.

but then danbo got tired and thirsty so he asked bromptrooper to stop,

danbo went up to bromtrooper’s saddle and looked for something to drink

danbo shouted ” hey i think i saw a water bottle! “

bromptrooper replied ” good, go have a drink friend, but i must get back to where my rider left me, he must wonder where i have been.”

so danbo went on to go for a drink,

he stumbled on a water bottle half full and drank till his thirst was quench

as a typical danbo he just lied around the rest of the afternoon,

happy to have met a new friend and waited till the day ends