Images from the Road: Cape San Agustine

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They say.. ” its the journey, rather than the destination and that’s what keeps us coming back.”

I just had a wonderful bike tour experience with equally wonderful travelers. We went and bike all the way to Cape San Agustin from Governor Generoso . it was a bittersweet experience. one minute you’re blissfully skirting the coastal road and the next thing you’ll know, you’re face down painfully pushing your loaded bike to the steepest inclines. You’ll even think that doing this odyssey was a total mistake; but in the end you will snap back to reality and witness the most awesome scenery you can come across. It might not be too soon but already Gov Gen’s scenery is calling me to come back.

One time i have been looking around for a nice place to go for  a cycle tour near Davao City. Then one day i had come across a blog showcasing the beauty of General Generoso. It had wonderful coastal roads and interesting sights along the way. There was the nice viaduct along the coastal town of Chicote. The captivating view on the road of Montserrat. The Century old Tree on the town of Magdug. Finally the lighthouse at the tip of lavigan, known to be a historical docking of St. Francis of Asisi. Arguably having his first mass at the south easterly point of Davao Region. The place offers breathtaking view of the pacific and celebes sea merging at this point.

Its another cycle touring destination off my bucket list, but it was quite difficult to get there. The road was terrible from midpoint to the lighthouse. We needed to dismount and push the bikes on the steep hills and carefully picking a line when going downhill just to avoid those loose rocks that could end the trip drastically. With all those variables considered i would still comeback…with a mountain bike. 🙂 -jb