A Photographic Odyssey 2007-2012

| 80 images

Traveling throughout the Philippines is a wonderful experience. It offers a wide array of sights and sounds. There are more undiscovered vista’s and scenic seascape’s which are as equally attractive as the more famous sites. Join me as i take you to discover and rediscover Philippines through my photographs. We go hiking along the highest mountains and trudging into the dangerous calderas. Winding down into a fine white sandy beaches while enjoying a fleeting light into the sunset. Lets discover the faces of the locals and savor the moment of their wondrous smile. These photos i offer are my photographs captured mostly in the Philippines some are outside the country but i personally collected them in these digital gallery as all of them have personal meaning to me and a reminder that I’m am nowhere close to where i started. I hunger for more adventures, onward to even more distant bearings to the last frontier. I left each photograph no title or caption nor where it was taken. I leave you to discover every photograph and relate to every mood, each has a different state, every light and angle has a deeper meaning, every image are unique, each has its own story to tell- johnbunoadventures