Amazing Mindanao: Surigao del Sur

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Surigao Del Sur

The Drive

The wonders of Mindanao is just overwhelming. Last November 2012, i had the chance to travel the pacific side of it. It was a nice respite for me and ice from all of those cycle touring. From Davao City we drove six hours to reach Brgy. San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. It was a nice drive and all of the roads were in perfect state. The six hour drive however was surprisingly interesting, we passed by Brgy Bunawan were arguably the largest salt water crocodile “Lolong” in captivity is found. The scenic roadside view of Agusan Marsh is nothing short of amazing and it has kept us from being weary all throughout the journey.

Britania Islets

It was a cool early morning, the coast were placid and the sun slowly peeked into the horizon. I brought my Landscape Photo gear with me and just waited for that fleeting moment where light plays thru the morning clouds and cast a magical aura of light. These islets were perfectly situated on my camera frame, standing in the causeway was a ideal vantage point for the shot. And Just before i got carried away from my blissful state. A voice called out my name, i can see Bernice and Adi from a distance, it was time to get back, breakfast was ready.

We hired an outrigger for one thousand pesos that would take us to all 5 major islet. It probably took us four hours to visit all the small island. we dipped, took a snapshot and wade our way back to the bangka(outrigger), this was a repeating process all throughout the day, i did not mind. The sands where fine like powder and comparable to the sands of boracay and panglao maybe even better. At noon the sun was scorching and we were on our way back to the resort with a smile of face, knowing we had visited a nice piece of paradise.

Enchanted River

Driving from San Agustin to Hinatuan seemed endless or almost certainly we were just too eager to arrive at our destination. Why enchanted?, Apparently the rivers depth looked infinite. The deep blue rift from the earth provided an amazing sight. Clear as it is, taking a dip was just too tempting not to miss out. There were fairly large fishes at the bottom and enjoying a bits of treat from the caretaker. Apart from taking a dip though, there were nothing to do on the site. A posterity photo on the side and off we go to our last destination.

Tinuy-an Falls

Getting there was quite tricky, it needed a sizable ride to take the beating of the gravel road. Passing through lush forest and the moment where you think its not going to end. A gush of water sounding off from a distance and a few walks from the gate, there, the majestic Tinuy an Falls proudly surging its water like a cascade of white curtain. Trickling down on its huge basin as the Sunlight hits the misty vapor, an astonishing scenery and it was well worth of our trip.