John Niclaus Buno,

Friends call him “Bunski”; the rest of the Internet world know him “bunskitot”

An adventure-loving person who basks in traveling around the country and keeping memoirs of places he has been to. His interests include: mountain climbing, dragon boat rowing, bike riding, and landscape photography. He climbed mountains and joined dragon boat rowing competitions in college. He was a member of the San Beda Mountaineering Society (SBMS) and the San Beda Dragon Boat Rowing Society (SBDRS) back in college where he finished his undergraduate degree in Information Technology.

He had to take it easy on the rowing when he started working with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company due to conflicting schedules. But the changing schedules did not stop him from organizing and leading epic bike rides and climb expeditions with the SBMS members and alumni. He even managed to make plans for landscape photography trips and even travelled to outstretch corners along rebel infested territories of the Philippines just to get that elusive picturesque scene. He left the hectic BPO industry to help his dad manage their family owned banana farm in Mindanao and finished his masters degree in business administration in Ateneo de Davao University—giving way for this adventure bug’s communing with nature more frequent.

John has scaled numerous mountains, rowed thousands of strokes, biked hundreds of kilometres and captured unforgettable memories from all his escapades. Now that he is back to his hometown Davao, there is definitely no stopping him of exploring the beauty there are in Mindanao and he would be more than happy to share the experience with those who want to. Follow his adventures by visiting his website and